What Is Profound Is Often Simple

I had the opportunity to re-connect with an old friend and dear colleague earlier tonight.  We haven't spoken in a few years and we caught each other up on family and personal life -- but we spent most of our time talking about work.

It was really wonderful to find such alignment around the things that matter to us professionally -- our passion, our sense of purpose.  One thing about which we agreed was the nature of change. Whether it is leader development, team development, or culture change -- it isn't enough to know what needs to change.  It isn't even enough to be told how to change it.  Real change...real growth...sustainable development only occurs when the right motivational conditions exist, when a person or team or organization has self-awareness, when proper tools and resources are made available, and when appropriate mechanisms for support and accountability are present.

In other words, change, growth, and development involve a very intentional process.  Knowing something and doing something are very different -- knowing is easy -- doing is quite often a bit more challenging.  My friend and I are both passionate about the process of change and about helping people and organizations achieve sustainable growth and meaningful success.  Real change that makes a difference in people's lives.  

The process that makes such change possible is simple and yet profound -- it is also exceptionally rewarding to bring that process to life.